Bird are deaths in 5G experiments, unusual behavior of animals

High speed Internet Five G network is being tested in the Netherlands. However, in the high speed internet experimental condition, hundreds of birds and other animals were found to have been abnormal behavior.

In the Netherlands, where the test is performed, there is a strange behavior among animals in a park. Suddenly, the birds sitting on tree branches were falling down dead. Environmentalists claim that about three hundred birds have been killed in this way.

The topic was highlighted in a magazine named Principia Scientific International. It is not only the bird that came up, but the duck pond swimming in the pond started to behave strangely. Why do not you dive under the water and try to escape suddenly ducks.

Five-generation telecom network FiveGe has been launched in the Netherlands recently on experimental basis. The network was started experimentally at a railway station.

The environmentalists of the Netherlands expressed anger over the incident.

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