BCS: How to prepare for the end time

Let’s start with an information. There were 2 lakh 43 thousand 476 candidates in 37th BCS. 8,123 people passed the preliminary 38th BCS candidates were 3 lakh 89 thousand 468 (increased 1 lakh 45 thousand 992). Has passed 16,866 people

This means that if you can pass the preliminary examination of the 40th BCS preliminary examination, then one year has passed from others. If you fall for any reason, you will have to wait for the next test at least one more year. Now you decide – one year will go ahead or not fall back. Today’s writing is about preparing for the last time and talking about some of the preliminary exams.

Some aspects of the preparation of the last time
Of course, the model must be tested. Due to a large part of the preliminary examination, it is due to mispronunciation. 200 questions a lot of questions. Many who do, ‘do not make mistakes’ habits do not make from before. If you think that, if you do not go wrong with one mistake, it will be all right, but it is a big practice, and for that you have to make ‘no mistakes’ habit now. How did I proceed:

• We photocopy almost 100 answer papers.
• On each answer sheet, write the date, correct amount of dyeing (with green ink) and the amount of illumination (with a red ink).
• After every 5 to 7 days, I used to verify the answer papers, how much did the correct amount of illumination amount and how much the amount of wrong spraying could be reduced.
In this way, due to the practice, I could reduce the amount of wrong stain after testing.

Just before the test, some model tests will come in different daily newspapers including current affairs, first light, try to see them. And now as there is no scope for questions about new issues, then it is better to give daily reading time to other preparations.

  1. If you do not read the guide books in detail in detail, check the areas where you are having problems, the numbers are coming down, and the places are repeated.
  2. ‘Professor’s Special Number’ book is a very good book for the preparation of the last time. If you can, finish it several times and keep the special parts clear, so that you can see them on the previous night (and in the morning).
  3. There are always some questions of Math, such as some questions based on the formula of algebra, there are some questions on the angle of geometry, there are several questions on numerology – you can see the book ‘Math Without Calculator’ for the quickest time on these topics.

Some preparation for the test

  • Keep the entrance sheet printed. In this case, I used to keep 2-3 copies, which I used to do all the time. The advantage is that, if one copy is broken or torn, other copies will save you from the undesirable danger. Another advantage I got was to use the white part of the back of the math (but in order to be careful, please take the permission of the inspector).
  • If there is a lot of good preparation in the Math, then you can answer at the beginning, otherwise you can answer the end like me. Because, if the head becomes hot, then the answer is less likely to go wrong.
  • Ethical questions are such that each of these options seems to be the correct answer, so in this case only 100 percent correct answers should be highlighted and in 10-10, this is a very good number in this case.
  • If you move forward with a few questions, then put a small stain to find that question again.
  • At least 15 minutes before the specified time of examination, you will definitely have a good relationship with the people (front, back, right and left). Believe me, preliminary, written, brother-in-law, if you can see one of your side crossing all these steps, then a different sincerity will work with the rest of the whole life.

I have always believed that ‘human endeavors are going to end there, God’s help begins there’. So avoid yourself from unnecessary internet usage at the last moment and do not try to maximize your efforts. And one thing is that, the rules given by someone, not the written constitution, but the way you prepare yourself by following, maybe that path may inspire many others in the future. Best wishes for everyone.

Writer: Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate after passing the 37th BCS

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