Bangladesh is preparing for the new day

Recent public movements of Bangladesh are giving us a big sign. Bangladesh is going to change. Bangladesh is standing in front of a positive change. This change can not come under the leadership of any political ideology. In fact, non-political people are joining the movement for this change. These movements are making a little bit of grains, in order to eliminate all wrongdoing, irregularities, and malignity for the betterment of the country, in their own way. Theoretically, and history testifies, that such movements have once started the political change. Holds the Revolution. And this change comes out of the new political leadership. However, the changes always annihilate the existing political system. That new revolution, change, new leadership will lead Bangladesh forward. A new Bangladesh will be seen through this. The newer wake up They will wake up. There are indications of recent observation. A new situation, Bangladesh is being prepared for the new day.

There are some great examples in front of us. The first is the protest against the imposition of VAT on private universities. Then the quota reform movement. Movement of the latest ongoing school-college students. You will get a lot of positive and negative in between. There is vandalism. Many have objected to the use of the language of the protesters. The reality is that there will be different elements in any movement. The main extract will emerge from these ingredients. We have to keep in mind the movement, the character of the struggle. There is a turning point in these movements. The important feature of the recent movement is that the youth’s resolve of morality, inequality and establishment of a new social-political structure. Among the majority of people in middle-class civil society, where there is compromise, the youth have the oath to fight there. Desire to change

Recent movements have been seen as a movement to establish equality in society. The birth of a state called Bangladesh is the oath of establishing equal rights. Such a great protest, participation, and the prevention of students of different educational institutions is not rare in the history of Bangladesh’s mass movement, but a new chapter is undoubtedly. This blitz was against the longstanding irregularities, injustice, unfairness, and unity of the political system. Maybe the outburst of VAT, the quota reform, or the outburst of protests after the death of two students. It is not a movement against any particular political party or government. This movement reflects the beliefs and disbelief that has been born towards the existing political structure, practice and leadership of the society.

Someone can object to the movement of the students of the ongoing school-college. But to be sure, they brought the language of the people public. These slogans have been reflected in what the public thinks about the state and state institutions at different levels of society. There was a slogan, the minister-MPs would have to travel to the public for three days a week. The public transport system of Dhaka is so sad that students want politics policy makers to take that experience. They talk about the start of these new days. Political power calls for political leaders to come out of enjoyment.

These young people can ask questions in eye-sight. They are vigilant again humanist. School-dressed students have blocked the road and those students have given way to ambulances. This student has been arrested by the driver of Northern Armed Police in Uttara, the driver has no license. The media carrier has also been blocked. Again, one of them gave the BCL staff, who was vandalizing the car. These students said, ‘Why are you vandalizing the car? Are we going to vandalize the movement? ‘Impossible positives are their thoughts. These students cleaned the street glass with broom in Dhanmondi.

Many can say, where is the leadership of this movement? Who will give direction? One thing must be taken into consideration, such a people’s revolution or movement is not called. And these leaders come from within the people. The movement against anti-VAT, movement of quota reforms, or the movement of students of school-college, created the background of the people’s revolution. The early movements may not be successful – they may not be successful. But these early movements will accelerate the political change.

Examples are in Bangladesh. The final result of the struggle that began with the participation of students in the language movement in 1952 has been achieved through the independence of 1971. This potential teenager, young, young people need to join politics. They need them for the country. Need to organize youth in district districts We need to get out of this conventional politics. Everyone has to prepare for politics. By saying that politics does not do good man, we have left politics in the hands of bad criminals. The politics will have to be brought back to us again. Politics of that 52, 62, 69, 71 It was Salam, Barkat, Motiur, Asad, countless freedom fighters.

After Assad’s martyrdom in the mass upsurge of Unsat, poet Al Mahmood wrote,

Why the window of the dam
Why should I pick up the khil?
Assad has gone on a procession
The rally will return.

Assad gave life to that procession. But thousands, tens of thousands of Assad returned with the procession with the independence of Bangladesh. We have to bring that procession back. Through the great people’s war, the birth of a country, which has its independence with the help of the People’s Revolution. Whose language has been acquired in exchange for blood. That country can not stop. Can not lose the way As many people, do not try to misunderstand mischief by misbehaving politicians, these teenagers and youth will guide Bangladesh.

Dr. Maruf Mallick Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Orient and Asian Studies, University of Forest