Assam’s citizenship crisis ,new thrill

The mountain did not give birth to Moses. The shining awakened. In the serial number. 4007707 I mean, 40 million 7 thousand 707 Many people of Assam who have been unable to submit their indisputable evidence to the government house till July 30. Whether it is possible, the deadly question hangs over their neck like Democulars. When, at that moment the mud will come down to swim, it is unknown. There is a continuation of the horror and fear of the day’s poetry. The craze of politics too.

The agreement that the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made in 1985, seeking permanent peace in Assam, was there for foreign exile. 33 years later, the draft of the draft civil code that has been finalized by the Supreme Court of the state of Assam and the BJP in the center, has blasted a little more than 4 million numbers. 3,29,91 thousand 384 forms of state to prove citizenship Among them, two hundred and eighty thousand 83 thousand 677 people have submitted their proof of citizenship. The rest could not. Among the rest of the people, the people of Harek Kissim. The family of a former late President is a family member of a veteran retired army officer, husband, wife or their children. List endless

The co-ordinator for the creation of the citizen’s ponzi, who is named Prakike Hazela. He said in interviews in different newspapers, those who have submitted the documents, they are not citizens. Because, anybody else can complain against them. They have to take responsibility to investigate the allegations. The names of 40 million people who did not enter the final draft, they will have time to apply again. The final list will be made after these. The Tribunal is the place for those who will not be there. If there is no justice, there will be open court doors.

On July 31, a further information was submitted to the Supreme Court on behalf of Hazela. It said that the 5 million 70 thousand people, who were excluded from the list, were sent to 25 state and Union Territory governments. These people are residents of Binaraj, but they are living in Assam by doing service or marriage. The states are requested to verify that their demand is not right. According to the information submitted by Hazela, the states did not send back two hundred and thirty thousand thousand people after verification of the documents. In the case of the most backward state West Bengal Hajala’s information says, 1,400 thousand names have been sent back to the state government, only 6 thousand 100 I mean, only 6 percent! When West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was asked about this in Delhi, her reply was, ‘They are lying.’

It is now almost certain, the list of 40 lakhs will be further reduced in the next 6 months. I did not want to give up that guess, how much you could lose. But former Congress Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said, “It is not possible to say definitely.” According to official data, the number of ‘dowtful’ or suspicious voters in the state is 48 lakh.

The question that is rising in the surroundings surrounds the possible final number. At the end of 40 lakhs, who can not submit proofs of their citizenship (they are living in India before March 24, 1971), what is their future? The Supreme Court gave two directives to the Indian government: One, to complete the incomplete work of fencing fencing in Bangladesh and to arrange for twenty-four-hour patrols on the river frontier, so that penetration goes down to zero; Two, one should take action on the basis of discussion with Bangladesh so that the marked ‘illegal intruders’ can be returned.

What is the effect? Chief Minister of Assam, Sarananda Sonal said that the future of non-citizens is not going to see them. The central government will see The ruling BJP of the state and the Center-two governments is the BJP. People who fail to prove their eyes are ‘Bangladeshi infiltrators’. Over the years, they entered ‘Assam illegally’ in Assam to change the state of the art of democracy. The BJP’s election promise was that these infiltrators would be sent back to Bangladesh. Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi himself repeatedly said in the election rally.

What is the real picture? Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also visited India Foreign Minister and Home Minister of the two countries went to each other’s country. Indian Foreign Minister Rajnath Singh came to Bangladesh on that day. An Indian leader never talked about this ‘illegal infiltrator’ with Bangladesh! There was no agreement between the two countries. ‘The people of Qatar have come to Qatar from Qatar’ – the neighboring state does not accept this accusation. Syed Moazzem Ali, Bangladesh’s High Commissioner to India recently said, “Initiative of making civilian pongas in Assam is an internal matter of India. This is not a bilateral issue. ‘The question is here. India’s internal issues, which is why Bangladesh will bother? The BJP is talking about ‘pushback’, why Bangladesh will give her honor? How can India prove that Bangladeshis who are not citizens, who are the citizens of India?

That means there is a strange complexity going to be created. The master or the Supreme Court, who is responsible for the creation of the Center or the State Government or the civilian (NRC), is all silent about it. The complexity can rise further, in the coming days, Narendra Modi’s government passed the Nationality Correction bill. In that case, ‘oppressed’ Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Persians and Buddhists from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan will get citizenship of India. Mamta claims, 1.25 million Hindus out of 40 lakhs. Whatever the claim, the NRC’s core initiative will be questioned if non-Muslims get citizenship. People of Assam also do not like it.

At the end of the tribunal and court-casket, when the list of ‘illegal intruders’ will be final, it is not going to be announced right now. However, whenever, for the Indian state it must be a huge burden. In the first light of the former Congress leader and Union Home Minister Paban Singh Ghatowa, in the same way, “Whatever the number, millions of people will lose citizenship. It can not be returned to anywhere. Therefore, they will be considered as non-citizen citizens. In simple words, refugees They have to make camps for them. There will be food and clothing. Minimum citizens will be comfortable. Health and education must be arranged. That means, the burden of the huge cost of the government’s neck But they were themselves destined for so long.

Of course understand. The cost to build the NRC has so far surpassed 1,220 crores. Refugee rehabilitation and relief costs but not one time!

Parliamentary Standing Committee member of India’s foreign ministry and Trinamool MP historian Sumit Bose did not hide his fears. In the first light he said, ‘Our friends and neighbors are the only one. Bangladesh If the intruder tried to send back the people of Assam through force, that friendship would not only be choked, Assam would become another Rakhain state.

This initiative of creating citizen ponzi is the perfect political party to BJP. At the glance, their election in 2019. BJP leader Ram Madhav has said that more than one leader has started with Assam. The next target is West Bengal. The BJP believes that the politics of infiltration on the creation of civilian population will be supported by Hindu polarization throughout Bangladesh including the bordering states of Bangladesh.