Artificial Intelligence Assistant on Half The Phones Coming in The Market

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing. Especially the Ai facility is being added to the smartphone. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, nearly half the smartphones coming to the market this year may have artificial intelligence supportive software. The report of Strategy Analytics published on Sunday.

According to the report, 47.7 percent of smartphones being sold this year will have AI Assistant Assistant or Artificial Intelligent Assistant Software. The rate was 36.6 percent last year. This information was reported in the IANS report.

According to the Strategy Analytics report, the use of the AI ​​technology in devices is increasing among smart phone makers. By 2023, smartphones will use more than 90 percent of artificial intelligence software. In 2010, Google Assistant emerged as the top artificial intelligent assistant software. The software was owned by 46.7 percent of the market. Apple ranked fourth with a market share of 40.1 percent.

Market researchers say that in 2012, Google Assists’ market share will reach 51.3 percent and by 2023 it will be more than 60 percent.