Arif Alvi sworn in as Pakistan’s new President

The task of handing over power to the new government was completed on Sunday by taking over the responsibility of Arif Alvi, the 13th President of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a founder member of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a close associate of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Arif PTI. He has been the Secretary General of the party since 2006. On the issue of party and national issues, he is very confident of Imran. Imran’s close aide took oath as Pakistan’s President yesterday. Arif, who was replaced by President Mamnoon Hussein, has been replaced by Arif.

In the chairmanship of Chief Justice Shakib Nisar, Imran himself was present at the oath ceremony of Arif Presidency. Other important people included cabinet members, chiefs of the armed forces and senior diplomats from Islamabad, based in Islamabad.

Political career of the senior politician Arif started from the very beginning. In 1969, he was shot while protesting against the then dictator Ayub Khan of Pakistan. A bullet is still pierced in his right arm. For PTI, he was elected a member of Parliament from important areas like Karachi in 2013. In the July election, he again became the winner in the elections. Last week he won the election of both the parliament and the four provincial councils, he confirmed the presidential term and completed the formalities of taking oath yesterday. Source: AFP