Are ‘Die Hard’ Without Bruce Willis?

63 year old man. At the age of 33, he played in the film ‘Die Hard’. After that the picture became the series, the popularity of the pale. Revenue is billions of money The producers want to take the series forward. But will the body allow Bruce Willis? Again the producer has said, ‘Will Die’ without Willis?

Recently, the series producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura said in an interview with Empire, “The 6-digit series of the Die Hard” will be called ‘McClane’. And will play an important role in the film’s hero Bruce Willis. Empire online wrote jokingly about the actors of the old, ‘Willis oil is still not full’.

In 2013, the latest film ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ earned a lot of money. ‘Die Hard Six’ will be Prequel-Sequel, where John McClann will be seen as a new joining activist in the New York Police Department. See how the US military young McCallan gradually became ‘die hard’. That story was about to start the story. There you can see the old Bruce Willis. Producer says, ‘Will be made without “Will Hard”? We will show John McClane’s 20-year life in the film.

So far, pictures of ‘Die Hard’ series have traded more than one and a half billion dollars worldwide. The film, which earned the lowest amount of the series, is called ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’. In the United States alone, the movie earned $ 67 million, and in the whole world, the picture earned 30 million 40 million dollars. Empire, Express