Apple will take Samsung’s OLED Display

The US tech company Apple will use Samsung’s made display on their MacBook Pro and iPad Pro in South Korea. The company will release the newly released OLED display devices in the market soon.

According to a report on the technology website The Verge on Friday, Apple has used it as a campaign to promote the use of high-end displays on devices like iPhone Xs, XS Max. But the iPhone has been selling for quite some time. So Apple is thinking of using this display on other devices. According to the option of the iPhone, the other device market will be bigger. Previously Apple’s product analyst Ming Si Kuo predicted to bring new devices including the iPhone.

Qoo said that by 2020, the 10-inch 12-inch iPad and 2021 by the 15-to-17-inch mini LED panel can bring MacBook in the market.

Que said earlier that Apple will start production of the new two-year iPad Pro by the end of this year. Market analysts are speculating that Apple is using the OLD display in next year’s affordable iPhone XR also.