Anyone Else May Read The Mail Sent To Gmail

Many people rely on Google’s Gmail to share personal information. But there is a ‘horror’ complaint against Gmail: Google’s users let anyone else read. The Google authority acknowledged that. They say that these are in their policies.

In a BBC report, Google has confirmed that the message that is being sent or received using Gmail is read only by the third party or third party app developer.

Third party app is meant to be the third app app without the official app. For example, if you search for apps on Facebook, Google or on Google Play Store, you will see there are apps available in addition to their own apps. Which are made by other developers. These are the third party app.

Those who add a third-party app to Google’s Gmail account, they unknowingly allow other people to read Gmail’s mail.
The Wall Street Journal said the company has said so. This is a very normal practice. Which is kept very secretly secret.
Google has indicated that such practices are not beyond their policies. A security analyst said it is very surprising that Google has allowed such practices.
Gmail is the world’s most popular email service. 140 million people used this service.
Google now allows their e-mail users to plan travel plans, compare third party e-mail management tools or services with their account. Gmail is also allowed to read Gmail, send messages and even manage mail when applying Gmail with such apps.

According to the Wall Street Journal, these e-mails are usually processed through computer algorithms, but the magazine has learned that thousands of e-mails have been read by the employees of these organizations.

Experts criticizing this policy. Professor Allen Woodward of the University of Rowe said, “You can spend the important few weeks of your life after reading the policy. It’s logical to make it clear that you will not find it there.

Google says Google approved organizations can only enter the mail if the user has permission. If you want Gmail users to go to the Security checkup page then review any apps that have them attached to their Gmail account. Can not cancel the application that does not want to add information.