Another Hindu group kicked up on Salman Khan

‘Love Story’ from ‘Lavraatri’ – Tweeted itself on Wednesday, the new name of the film is known to all Salman Khan. In the film, Ayush Sharma Gujarat youth and wirina hussain ballet dancers. Their talk on the night of the Navratri Festival. From there, the love of the two Perfectly romantic story And the objections raised by the Indian religious organizations in India Hindutva organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad has announced that Salman Khan will be given a cash reward of Rs 2 lakh. Salman Khan will be beaten, because Salman Khan producer Salman Khan Films and producer Salman Khan Films. This movie is opposing Hindu High Edge. The other members of the Hindu group, Agra branch, Govinda Parashar burnt the poster of ‘Love’ photo. A court in Bihar also sued Salman Khan and his production company in the name of ‘Lavritree’.

It is known that it did not even save. Against the new name, the traditional foundation filed a public interest litigation in the Gujarat High Court. This Hindu group claims that the name of the photo is not acceptable and some scenes must be changed, otherwise the image should be banned to hurt Hindus. Can not accept the photo’s new name Because it still sounds like the Hindu festival Nawabratri.

The plaintiff in the court told in writing, the name of the film can hurt many Hindus. Although the name changes, the subject of the movie and the dialogue are still the same. The matter is insulting to any Hindu people. Popular festival of Navratri The way Gujarat is shown in the movie ‘Love Story’ through this festival, it can be a defamation of this state too.

During the hearing of the public interest hearing in the Gujarat High Court on Wednesday, the demand for the producer Salman Khan and the production firm Salman Khan Films, the traditional foundation of the Sanatana Foundation, has been termed as ‘immature’. According to this lawyer, the film has not yet been submitted to the movie censor board. Then the judge bench of the Division wants to know, how the film promo released without the film censor board’s certificate? The judge further said, if necessary this bench will see the image.

When the name of the movie was changed to ‘Love Story’ from ‘Lavraatri’, it was reported that the name has been changed to the suggestion of Indian film censor board. If the army made a problem after the release of the film, then there will be an additional trouble. Since there is a chance, so change the name right now. Then, along with Salman Khan, the director of the movie ‘Love Story’, decided to change the name of the film, Adaraj Minawal.

The film ‘Love Story’ has been shot in Gujarat and London. The film is about to be released on October 5. The film’s teaser arrived in the meantime. Here the ‘Navaratri’ festival has been enhanced very colorfully. This film is being debuted in Bollywood with Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma’s husband, Ayush Sharma and heroine Warina Hussein. Warin’s father is a resident of Iran, and mother Afghans. The teaser has been criticized and sued by the film.