Android Q is coming with the new feature

The new version of Android will be named Android Q. Generally, the new version of Android is named in the name of sweeteners in the order of English characters. In August last year Google released the new version of Android software Android 9 pie. This will be the next version of the Android Q. But no confectionery name will be kept with the queue, it is not yet known.

However, many new features in the Android 10Q version are expected to be added by technology analysts. The special feature will be Dark Mode. It’s basically going to bring battery to save the battery. Prior to the Android 5.0 Lollipop version, most of the system space was black before adding the material design; Especially system settings.

Google acknowledged, not only the OLED, the battery survives in the dark mode LCD display. So again they want to go back to dark mode, except for the physical design of the Android operating system. In addition to the operating system, more than one app can also come in dark mode.

Last year Google’s annual developer conference showcased the Android QW preview There are several areas where multitasking features are mentioned. Google can open Q version by next October.