Android P is available with new features

After a lot of wait, the new version of Android software introduces Google to Android 9 Pi. In the Android Developers Blog, Google said about new features. It has been said in the blog that the Android 9 pie version has been added to Artificial Intelligence By utilizing this, users can do the necessary work.

Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness feature have been added to the new version. It can combine different apps’ battery usage issues and phone’s brightness settings. Apart from this, a feature called Action Action is added to give new ideas about new work based on phone activities.

The new navigation system comes in Android 9 Pie Operating System. You can run different apps by sliding them upwards. The feature uses Apple’s system. Eprothomalo

A dashboard called ‘digital wellbeing’ has been added. It will show how much time the user is using on the phone. In this case, the app timer is named, you can set the time limit for app usage.

The new version of Android will be available on the updated pixel phone. Apart from this, this update will be available on Sony Mobile, Shawumi, HMD Global’s Nokia Phone, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus and Essential Phones. New software updates will be available on Android Wired phone.