An attacker’s identity was matched

On Saturday, one of the attackers attacked the students demanding a safe road in the city’s Jigatla area. His name is Rubel Hossain. He is the general secretary of the private Northern University Chattra League. Rubel’s identity has been confirmed after the photo was printed on the first page of the first light on Sunday.

It is seen in the picture that the white Punjabi wearing ruble is attacked with one stick, one on the other with the brick student. Rubel’s Facebook profile shows that he is the general secretary of the BCL BCL unit.

When he contacted Rubel’s mobile phone, he said in the first light this evening, “Polapan was attacking Awami League’s party office. Bricks, stones. Let’s chase them to save the party office. Nobody has died. Did not hurt. ‘Shah cement

Rubel said that since 2014 he has been serving as the General Secretary of Northern University Chattra League. He graduated in Business Administration.