All the guilt lawyers: Trump

A federal court in New York on Wednesday ordered former President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen to imprisonment for three years. Cohen told the court that he had to lie on the trump to cover the dirty work. After listening to the verdict, the whole 24-hour trump was silent. Not a single tweet. But all changed on Thursday.

He started tweets from the morning. Even if he did not mind, he gave a long interview with the favorite TV channel Fox News.

Trump said, ‘I have no crime. I did not tell Cohen to commit any crime. She is my lawyer What to do or not to do, is that he knows That’s why I gave him the money in the fields. ‘

Trump said in the same interview, “If there is anything illegal, then there is no criminal case for him, it can be a civil suit.”

The problem is that, Cohen said, the porn star Stormy Daniels or Play Boy model Karen McDougall gave a trump to the director to keep his mouth shut. Investigators who had already rescued Trump and Cohen’s telephone recordings in his (Cohen) house. Eprothomalo

The big danger is that the tabloid newspaper National Inquirer, Karen McDougall and Trump’s first love story, know that they did not print it in the news magazine and kept them shutting their mouths for $ 150,000.

The newspaper’s publisher and Trump’s longtime friend David Packer acknowledged the investigating officers, where he and Cohen have spoken in this regard, Trump himself was present. Pekar said the arrangement was made to avoid any harmful effects on trump selection.

Former federal attorney Barbara McQueyad told Politiko, now clearly that Cohen is not alone, David Pecker and his company’s people are giving this money to the newsmaker. If the incident is true then the allegation of breaking the election law and the conspiracy against the Trump can be complicated.

Danger is not the end here, the dealer has made an agreement to cooperate with the investigator with Robert Müller, the Special Investigation Specialist investigating the question of Russia’s involvement. Under the agreement, he will tell all that he knows. In return Mueller will not raise any allegation of breaking the law against him.

Most commentators agree, cohen as Trump’s “scourge of scourge”, who knows nothing, Peker knows nothing less than that. Nobody knows what he will tell Muller. But everyone can guess.

One commentator commented, from Kohin, the pecker – that means trump is in the fire from the cauldron.

However, more bad news was waiting for the trump on Thursday. The Wall Street Journal reported that in January last year, Trump collected more than $ 100 million in fundraising for his debut. It matched just half of the money. There is no news of the other half.

The Federal Court of New York sent Cohen to jail, they were looking into the matter. The main thing to know about the Federal Investigators- Whether the foreigners who have given this funding are either foreigners. Whether there is any arrangement for business or political advantage in exchange for money.

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