Aishwarya will be the ‘Indian Madonna’

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will perform in pop song. Will be with the dance Just like Madonna. Bachchan will be seen in the role of a musician playing in the world of dance and singing. He will appear in a song of Bollywood’s upcoming musical picture Fanny Khan in this way.

Corioagraphar has been brought out from the outside for the photo choreographer. He has choreographed the songs of star performers like Rhea, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez. The name is Frank Gatson Jr. Since the song’s performance and performances are like Madonna, so the director has put Frank on hand in the room of Corioagrafars, such as Remo de Suja or Lord Diwas. Many of them have not been left behind to give Aishwarya’s character ‘Indian Madonna’.

Sunidhi Chauhan will give voice to the song. Shooting this week may be. The director of the film said that it may be the longest and glorious song of Aishwarya’s life. Photo director Atul Manjrekar He does not end up with the song. He said that Aishwarya will be seen as a pop icon on the song. Young people who are very popular. His character is a famous artist. Who is dancing and singing well Immediately wandering around the world. A coroner who has been working internationally for realizing the character has been contacted. Frank is the best among them. So he has been suggested to choreographed the song.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ song debuted at Frank Gateson Jr. Choreography of more than 17 videos for Beyoncé Apart from that, he was the choreographer and director of the three world tournaments. Atul said, Frank also looked forward to working with Aishwarya.

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Anil Kapoor and Bhushan Kumar Produced by Fanny Khan. In Aishwarya, the film will also be seen by Anil Kapoor, Raj Kumar Rao and Divya Dutt The film is about to release in August. The film is being produced by Oscar nominated Dutch cinema Everybody’s Femas.