After Rajib’s Buried His Mother Going to Dhaka

Husband Nur Islam was Dinmajur. When he died after leaving four children There is no house, there is no land, there is no money in hand. But Monoara Begum did not go downstairs. The boy was studying in Dhaka from Hotalya, Noakhali, leaving him in a relative’s home in Dhaka. Abdul Karim Rajib, a student of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin College, a son of this mother. The dead Rajiv has gone back to his mother.

The college authorities contacted the family shortly after Rajiv was killed in the accident; First with his cousins ​​in Dhaka, later in Hatia. Rajib’s brother-in-law, Abdur Rahman, was saying the first light, even then they did not know Rajiv. They went out of Ashkona’s house and never walked in the car, and walked on foot. The blockage has started so far. What block, why, did not understand anything. And he was constantly urging to reach quickly from college. When Kurmitola reached the General Hospital, Rajiv was no longer there.

After two Eid-ul-Fit and after the end of the examination Rajiv would go home. Now he reached about a month ago. As always, Mom was waiting to return home to Monwara Begum’s son. But the wait was intense.

Abdur Rahman said, they reached the Noakhali’s chairman Ghat by car carrying dead bodies on Friday night. Again, the boat is made by ice in the Choumuhnati. Rajiv’s place was next to Hatia’s grave.

Manojara Begum departed from Hatiya by evening and buried her boy. The house where the boy was, he would go to the house to find the memory of his son so that he could go so far.