70th Emmy Awards: Game of Thrones is the best

Glenn Vice Lover Ian Sueveden did not think that the 70th Emmy Awards would become so important in his life. Even the admitted admirers were not ready. And so surprisingly everyone glanced at Amir’s stage proposal to marry Yan and Glenn sat down. For managing the ‘Oscars’ made on the 90th Oscars, he won the ‘Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special’ award. At the time of receiving the award, he proposed marriage to Yan at the stage. Ian did not disappoint Glenn, gave consent. This short video of Glenn and Yan has already been viral in the Internet world.

Netflix, an online streaming service, also surprised Glen. For the TV series like ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Stranger Things’ ‘Glow’, ‘The Crown’, this year’s top nominations are theirs. And the number is 37. HBO was not behind They got 29 nominations for TV series ‘West World’, ‘Silicon Valley’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Insecure’. As a result, the fight between the two strong organizations grew quite a lot. But there is no word in the ‘last night of’ Ustad’s, ‘it proves again that HBO. Although Eight nominations were less than Netflix, Emir’s most important prize was the ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ but it just went home. And it was possible for the popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. The ‘Game of Thrones’ was not considered for the last year’s Emmy competition because it was promoted after the schedule fixed for Emir. But this is not the case. This time it was nominated seven. The same nomination was received by HBO’s another TV series ‘Barry’.

However, Amazon has won the race from the back of the HBO and Netflix online streaming service. They got four out of the five prizes given at the start of this year’s Emmy Awards. And the achievement of this achievement is the achievement of TV serial ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maijal’. After that, however, it won another award. Out of these three honorable awards – ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’, ‘Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series’ and ‘Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy Series’. As a result, Amazon has won the prize money. Netflix won the total prize money. They have received seven awards. HBO has the second position with six prizes. The third and third prize were won jointly by Amazon and FX.

The 11th season of the reality show ‘Ruple’s Drage Race’ will begin next year. But in the tenth season, this video of the channel ‘VHVAN’ came to light. They have won the ‘Outstanding Reality-Competition Series’.

This year’s honors are respected 24 times nominated and eight-time Emmy winner Betty White The 96-year-old actress is said to be the ‘Fast Lady of Television’.

Amy is offered for the best TV show in the United States every year. This year’s 70th Emir was held on 17 September, at Microsoft’s Los Angeles Los Angeles Theater. Presented by Michael She and Colin Jose The program was broadcast directly on ABC.