55 Remains of US fighters

Last week, North Korea’s backed remains said that American soldiers would be the bodies of the Defense Department’s bodyguard. It was announced on Wednesday that the remains were sent from the South Korean Ocean to the US State of Hawaii.

Last week, Pyongyang returned 55 unidentified dead bodies in the 1950-53 Korea war. Pyongyang has started returning the body in the light of the agreement signed by President Donald Trump and North Korean top leader Kim Jong Un in the summit last June.

Experts say that the identification process of these soldiers can take years. However, the US military’s director of scientific analysis of ‘War of Liberation and War Hours’ (DPAA), John Beard told reporters, “The primary information-proof is that these are the remains of American soldiers.” He is engaged in the rescue of this remains in North Korea. He said, “these remains are compatible with the remains we have rescued in the past.” He said, there is no doubt about those losing soldiers in the war in Korea. For the second forensic examination, the remains will be sent from the US Air Force to Hawaii Military Base in South Korea Ocean, from Friday.

Yesterday, the re-entry of the remains of the US Air Force was organized. On the occasion, about 500 officers from South Korea, United States and South Korea joined. Source: AFP