5 supercomputer organizations in China have been blacklisted by US

The trump administration has taken this step to join the military. Washington argues that those organizations threaten US security. The US Department of Commerce decided on Friday.

Washington’s move will complicate the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President C Chin Ping next week in the G20 summit.

Among the black listed companies in the US, supercomputer sugon and its three associates Another institution is the Yushey Jiananan Institute of Computing Technology.

The United States complains that these institutions are owned by the Chinese Army Research Institute. Companies help to help modern Chinese Army. Sugan’s supercomputer 63rd in the list of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.

Chinese companies will not be able to use the equipment of US technology as a result of US blacklist. In the case of US technology, Chinese companies need permission to sell any parts.
US chip makers AMD said, reviewing the US administration’s order, they will decide next steps.

Last month, the United States Department of Commerce, Huawei, another Chinese technology company, was black listed, and the trade war between the two countries got huge size.