40th BCS Preliminary Exam 3 May 2019

Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Mohammad Sadiq said that the preliminary examination of the 40th BCS will be held on May 3. In the first light, he said, today this Siddhanta was taken at a special meeting of the commission on Thursday.

4 lakh 12 thousand 532 candidates filed their application in the 40th BCS. So far the PSC has recorded such a huge number of applicants. Mohammad Sadiq said, ‘How can we take the exams properly, we are working for that.’

On September 11 last year, the PSC published the 40th BCS notification. 40th BCS application is started from September 30. A total of 1,903 cadre cadres will be appointed in this BCS. But this number may increase further. According to the cadre, 200 of the administration, 72 of the police, 25 in the country, 24, 32 in the Customs Excise and about 800 recruitments in the education cadre