4 Million Bengali Refugees Despite Resident of India: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has opened her mouth after publishing a list of the Awami citizens of India. Once again, the grassroots leaders accused the Bengalis of plotting and racism. His complaint, being named after the name-surname, is being chosen from the Bangalees’ citizenship.

Despite the country’s resident, over 4 million people are refugees overnight. In the second draft of Assam, the number of 40 lakhs people in the NRC is called the reddish mark. Virtually overnight, 40 million people became refugees. A total of 330 million applicants have been published in the name of 29 million. Where else will the rest go? Many people in uncertainty and fears.
Trinamool leader Mamta Bandyopadhyay is worried about this situation. In spite of having a valid Aadhaar card, the names of millions of Bengali people have been read from the people of Assam. In a press conference on Monday, he said, “Aadhaar card, voter card, even passports are also named after name. Name of the name of the Bengali name, regardless of Hindu-Muslim, is excluded. Are you trying to force it out there? ‘

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In the Assam State of Assam, the National Citizen Register (NRC) has been dropped from the full list of 40 lakh 7 thousand 708 people. During the Indian time, this list was published in the website and at the NRC service centers.It is for the first time since 1951 that the citizen status of the Assam state of India was updated so that the illegal Bangladeshi living in the state can be identified.

Today’s list has been given for one month after the publication of the claim or objection. After assessing those claims, a full citizen will be created.

Those who came to Assam before March 25, 1971, were unable to submit documents, their names were dropped from the national citizen.

This citizen registration is finalized through a very complex process, due to which there are millions of people in danger of becoming a resident in their own country due to lack of evidence of documents.

The names of the names in the final list, whether or not the names will be named, are among the most afraid of Bengali-speaking Muslims. Many Bengali Hindu families are uncertain about their names being in the public domain.

Taimur Raja Choudhury, editor of Daily Temporary Relations of Silchar, said, “The way the whole process has been run, there is a doubt that there is a plot against the Bangla speaking people. In order to stay in Assam, a special group has to remain in control, the process is underway. In fact, many Bengali-speaking Muslims of the Brahmaputra Valley, in the last few census, who previously mentioned their native language as Assamese, are now told Bangla as their mother language. So the number of Bengalis in Assam has increased.

But under the leadership of the All Assam Students Union or ‘Asu’, a powerful student organization, the bloody Assam movement took place in the 1980s and the consequence of the 1985 Assam agreement was agreed by the government to update the citizenship status.

The organization’s Chief Adviser Samujbal Bhattacharya told BBC Bangla, “We are never against Bengali, and this process is not anti-Hindu or anti-Muslim.” This is a process of identifying illegal Bangladeshis. Many non-Assamese people have been excluded from the primary list.

Protests in Assam’s capital protesting the revised citizenship bill
In order to prove that a person or ancestor who is actually living in Assam since March 25, 1971, is being seen as a citizen member of 1951, as well as 14-15 documents being sought.

Information is also matched with voter list. Legacy data and brood were created through the Puran voter list.

There are many people complaining that there are no coordinates of these multiple lists made by each authority at different times.

As such, it is difficult to prove that the name of any person on the voter list has been misplaced, so that he is the son of his father.

“My grandfather’s name is in the census of 1951, there is also the electoral rolls of 1966. There is a receipt of the land records, the rent receipt of the British government, but none of our family members have their names published in December,” said Baksa district resident, student leader Ibrahim Ali

A large number of married women are afraid that many of them do not have birth certificates. Not even in school, there is no document.

These poor women do not have any bank accounts. After the marriage, he changed the title, but according to legacy data, his father’s title is different.

Meanwhile, father has also died, so it is difficult to prove that these women are really children of their parents and true Indian citizens.

Many people of Assam are afraid of being dropped from the list
In addition, the electoral rolls of the Election Commission of India, which have been identified as ‘d-voters’ or suspected voters in the voter list.

At one time though non-Assamese nationalist organizations claimed that millions of illegal Bangladeshi people were living in the state, and they cast their names on the voters list.

The identity of ‘D-Voter’ began in 1997.

If someone did not vote after several times or went to another village, they were identified as ‘D voters’.

The list of their names is sent to the border police and the case is called the ‘Foreigners Tribunal’ or the Foreign Identification Tribunal.

It has to prove itself with the information that he is a really legitimate Indian citizen.

Emperor Bhawal, general secretary of Sara Assam Bangali Students ‘Youth Federation, resident of Bangaigonon district said to the BBC,’ One day in the tribunal is given the verdict as ‘foreign’ unilaterally. The border police might not have got the notice earlier, ‘D Votter’ has been shown as a fugitive, the person who finds the man within half an hour of the verdict finds that. Photos were asked to go to the police station and from there to the camp.

As many as 900 people are being detained in various detention camps in Assam due to being identified as foreigners, who are considered to be legitimate citizens, human rights organizations

The BBC has reported such incidents, where a 102-year-old man was detained in a detention camp identified as foreign.

Some of them are indeed Bangladeshi nationals, who illegally entered India. Such 52 people have been sent back to Bangladesh on Sunday.

The government of Bangladesh has taken this step after ensuring their citizenship, the government of Assam.

Muslims in Assam state have more fears about NRC
On the other hand, initially, a few million people were identified as ‘D-voters’, but the number dropped to 21.13 thousand after 21 years.

People who became ‘D voters’ did not get the opportunity to apply for the nomination of the national citizen. On the directive of the court, the names of other members of the family of D Voters were also temporarily suspended.

In the case of the Foreign Tribunal, after the verdict, someone has sent a ‘D-voter’ notice to the Election Commission, even after the verdict.

The official, who is in charge of building civilian posts, has given some information on the final draft of the BBC’s list:

• Approximately 30 million people applied for citizenship. More than six and a half million documents are submitted with All documents are digitized and digitized.

• 5 lakh 77 thousand documents have been sent for verification in different states of India. Document has been received in 37 countries, for information verification.

• 48 thousand employees – officers have been working to prepare this citizen from 2015.

• 59 different software has been developed to prepare the list of legitimate citizens.

The police can spread the unrest, fearing that the police can spread, the police are afraid.

So 220 companies have been deployed in the state to the central paramilitary force. The army has been kept in the alert position. There are also police surveillance.

But in the last few days, the central government and the state government have been repeatedly proclaiming that not to mention the name of the citizen’s final draft does not mean that someone is identified as foreign or illegal Bangladeshi.

One more time will be available to prove your claim for citizenship. And now nobody will be detained as foreigners.


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