38th BCS written examination results this month

Even after eight months passed, the results of the 38th BCS written examination have not yet been published. According to the sources of the Public Service Commission (PSC), it is taking some time to examine the two examiners. But this is more likely to result in this month.

Asked about this, PSC chairman Mohammad Sadik said in the first light, “It takes a little longer to see the written exams. Different cadres have different subjects. The book is given to the teachers concerned to see the subject. Apart from this, the written exam is seeing two examiners. We want every candidate’s candidate to be properly evaluated. Candidates will be benefitted even if it takes some time. There is nothing to worry about. The report is being analyzed. “However, according to Mohammed Sadiq, efforts are being made to determine the date of oral examination by publishing results of this examination in April.

Written by the 38th BCS written examination on August 13 last year On December 29 last year, the 38th BCS preliminary examination was held. It is published within two months of the test. In this, 3 lakh 89 thousand 468 candidates appealed. According to PSC sources, 2,244 cadre officers will be appointed in the public administration through the 38th BCS. 300 cadre of administration cadres, 100 cadres of police cadre, 38 cadre general cadre, 520 in general, 549 in technical and professional cadre, 955 posts in education cadres.

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