10 sources of success of Larry Page

Larry Page came up with a whole new concept in the organization’s rituals. He is one of the founders of Google. His position on the list of the richest people in the world is tenth. This computer scientist is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Google’s parent organization Alfabet. His words will certainly show the path of new entrepreneurs.
Larry Page
Larry Page
1. 100 employees do not need a huge organization to get the branches of thinking.
Google, Apple, Disney, Amazon-well-known organizations know the similarity? All these organizations were born in the garage. There was no capital, there was not a single staff, there was no huge office, but there was a dream. To take a successful initiative, that dream is the first time in the world that it is urgent that everyone is urgent. If there is faith, determination and hard work, then the dream will be fulfilled. Consider, if Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Jeff Bezosra were lagging behind, they would not have been successful today. Do not make any excuses to target you. Never know until you have faith in yourself, what you really can do.

2. Our goal was to collect as much information as possible and to use the information.
One of the reasons behind the success of Google’s Chief Executive Officer is that he knew where the destination was. If you know your destination, then the walkway is easy. Say in one sentence, what is your goal? What do you really want to do? If you can not say it in one sentence, the goal is not clear to you.

3. When we started, everyone said, “You will fail. Because there are already 5 search engines. “We said yes. We’re also building a search engine. But we will be different.
This is the key to the success of a new organization. Why are you exceptional than your competitors? Find a fair answer to this question. Remember, it is important to compete. Because, you can not move without competition. Keep your goals focused on competitors, so that you can always be one step ahead. Keeping your customers’ brand new time in line with your brand’s character, which is not your competition.

4. Respect people. Then you will get respect.
Employees are the biggest asset in an organization, never forget it. If you look at your organization’s customers as seriously as you, then staff will also get the best work at the expense. Rewards the worker for good work, so that everyone is encouraged to apply the best of merit.
5. If you want to change the world, work on important issues.
If you want to succeed in business, work on something that will solve the problem of people, meet the needs. If you can benefit the person, that means you are on the right track. Income will come naturally when people come to work.

6. Being a family for the organization is very important. As the staff can consider themselves a part of the organization.
Every employee understands their importance. As entrepreneurs, you need to understand their needs, understand what they are facing in the workplace. If everyone else does this only, then success will come, but it will not last long. Become a team, get pleasure from work. Only then will you be unique.

7. To do business, business education should be read, not only, I have just finished reading a shelf-related business book, that was enough.
How many people have abandoned their dreams to leave behind the degree! In the case of successful people, there will always be one match between them. They never saw their goals and education separately. Rather, he always learned to achieve goals. Whether or not they come to the degree of education, they do not care. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, create interest in yourself. Larry Page said, ‘Live, learn, love-all these are the most important in life.’ Spend time reading books for a short period of time every day.

8. I know, at one time you might think that the whole world is one side and you are on one side, but sometimes there is to be a little crazy. Follow curiosity, stay firm for the goal. Do not lose dreams The world needs you.
There is no happiness in comparison with any other happiness or fulfillment of dreams. So believe in yourself.

9. Can not survive if you can not achieve the faith of man.
It has to be done with trust. Meet with the customer, talk, understand what they want People will trust you if you can provide quality services near a customer.

10. Your work is also very difficult and thrilling
The best thing to do in business is comfort. If you think everything is going to be very easy, then challenge yourself in front. Work a little more. Every day, if every act is thrilling, nobody will stop you. If one goal is reached, then pursue another goal.

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